We always appreciate our customers, our users and their stories.

From Digital Planning to Corporate Website, Promotion Website, Media Website, Building and Improvement for EC Website ,
Digital Commercial Management, WEB Service and SNS App Development, Server Maintenance Management, Access Analysis,
Pamphlet and Poster Production. We provide the best solution to our customers’ needs.

Furthermore, our services are available in 5 different languages.
(English, French, Chinese, Korean, Arabic)


Digital Marketing
We support the marketing strategy in order to deliver the message to your target.
From content creation based upon the user experience to leveraging useful data, we propose you the best marketing plan.
Media & Planning
We find the best method to implement your idea and propose you the best plan for delivering the message to right target.
Data Driven Marketing
Data, regarding the user and business activity, continues to accelerate.
Our data-driven marketing shows the greatest effect since we comprehend the insight between users and business ,
based upon the utilization of years of marketing data.
Content Marketing
From a user perspective, we try to optimize the level of communication regarding the construction of Owned Media.
Creating hig-quality contents, we plan optimization for the business-to-user communication regarding Search Engine Tools as well.
Brand Site
We create the message in order to attract end-user purchaser by our finest products and services and produce the website that provides creative and contents that is necessary for ideal rapport building between the brand and its users.
Event Marketing
We plan and maintain the event for improvement of user experience.
We draw the sympathy of more users by developing contents from media.


IOS & Android
Starting from all version of iOS and Android,
it is possible for us to develop Objective C and Java, even Hybrid Development such as Unity.
We handle numerous cases regarding EC Website.
We customize on your demand. ECCUBE, Magent, Prestashop and Credit Card, just name what you want.
BLE & Beacon
Togethering with our Analysis of Advertising Packet, we fully support BLE technologies.
Furthermore, if your case is to get specific area's information, we recommend you our iBeacon Service.
Data Science
Machine Learning and Simulation using Deeplearning API.
Thorough statistical analysis of SVM(Support Vector Machine) in R which is essential for Data Mining
D.R.Y. (Don’t Repeat Yourself by Andy Hunt & Dave Thomas)
Adopted a variety of Frameworks in proposition.
According to terms, we will keep endeavoring to find the best solution.
Broad functionality, expertise, and research delivered by our finest security and privacy experts.
Not only recognizing IPA Security Guidelines, but also assessing Security Vulnerability Diagnosis.
Our plan is to merge the O2O(Online-to-Offline) businesses to amplify the synergy.
Manage Users Screen to POS, 3rd party and native apps.
Providing numerous cloud services, Azure, AWS and even Aliyuan from China.
Why don't you lower the running cost?
Video Transmission
Video streaming Service using Apple' HLS Technology.
Now available for Interactive Technology for Video.


Web design
All kinds of Design for Website both PC and Moible.
Corporation, Landing Page, EC Website. Mobile First Focused Design ahead of the time
Banner Design and Visual Image Production.
Design for Application Program, Icon, and Splash Screen regarding App Developing.
Information design
Infographics (Information + Graphic): Design Nonverbal Communication Data.
Associated with our directors and engineers, UI and UX Design considering usability
Logo Design regarding Company, Products, and Campaign. Symbol Mark Design utilizing Illustration, C.I.(Corporate Identity) Design, and tutorials. All in one lump.
Production of Illustraions, Story-telling Manga Comics, Four-frame Comic Strip, and even its characters.
Motion Graphic
Animation Motion Graphics and Moviemaking.
All kinds of Print Media Advertisement Design.
Brochure, Advertisement Flyer, Newspaper Advertisement, Magazine Ad, Poster, Point of Purchase Design, etc...
Specialized in each media's special effects.
Periodical publications, catalogues, pamphlets.
Design of a variety of products, stickers, and even concept of campaigns.