idealump inc. supported the Spring and Summer season Fashion Week (Paris Fashion Week) that was held by a domestic brand ANREALAGE on September 2019.

This is the 11th time participating Paris Fashion Week for ANREALAGE. Announcing that the theme is “ANGLE”.
In this show, the classic items such as blue blazers with emblems, blue Oxford shirts, chino pants, white college T-shirts, jeans, beige trench coats, tilden sweaters, gun club check jackets, argyle knits, and pleated skirts were introduced in three different ways.By looking from different angles: high angle, side angle, and low angle, the appearance of the classic clothes changes depending on the viewpoint. From solid to plane, image to reality, 2D to 3D. A collection that transcends dimensions has been developed.

The state of interview at front of the back panel by Ichiro Yamaguchi from Sakanaction and Kunihiko Morinaga who is a designer from ANREALAGE is scheduled to be broadcast by BS FUJI.

Check out the collection of ANREALAGE on YouTube.

From us, idealump, we have offered a gimmick flyer of the new theme “SCENT IS PARADICE” from “Anearth”, which we are investing on.
You can see the promotion from the Instagram with the hashtag “#scentisparadice”.
In December, we are planning on having an event in Harajuku, Tokyo, introducing the new item from “Anearth”.
More information will be announced on the Anearth official website and Instagram.

Anearth Official Web :
Anearth Official Instagram :

Established by a designer, Kunihiko Morinaga in 2003. ANREALAGE means A REAL – usual, UN REAL – unusual, AGE – era. By focusing on the twist in everyday life that are unrealistic and most likely to pass by, we find a start point of the design.
Under the belief of “God lives in every detail”, a colorful and fine patchwork, unique clothes that are not bound by the human body, and clothes made by aggressively using technology and new techniques are their characteristics. Currently, there are 50 stores around the world.
In 2019, selected as a finalist in the fashion contest “LVMH PRIZE”, which is hosted by Moët Hennessy - Louis Vuitton group in France. The purpose of this contest is to train and support young designers. In this contest, received the 2019, the 37th MAINICHI FASION GRAND PRIX.
In addition, chosen to be the designer of official uniform which the attendants from Japanese Pavilion will be wearing for the upcoming Dubai Expo in October 10th, 2020.

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